Cookies: just part of having a website.

This website might, like every other website, set cookies which your browser will store and later send back. They can be used for all sorts of thing:

  • To keep track of who you are (based on what you've told us) logged in or not.
  • To store information about the articles you've read, features you've seen, and actions you've taken.
  • To make recommendations of related content and things you've seen in the past.
  • Ads may be added to the site in the future, they often set cookies.

This is a basic detail of how the internet works, so it's nice to know this anyway, but some laws suggest you should be told this in detail.

Privacy: Nothing stored, Nothing requested.

At present this blog doesn't set any cookies, not even to maintain a session, this sentence will be replaced by a list of cookies and what they're for when that changes.