TL;DR: I think it's chill that you can get a perl for all kinds of os/computers

This means that I can just clone a git repo with a pile of (possibly 10 year old) perl scripts and run 'em pretty much anywhere.

There's a perl interpreter for your OS!

perlport says that "Perl supports over 100 platforms!".

Lots of very cool people maintain packaged perl

Wether you're on a Linux machine or a toaster running NetBSD there's a pretty good chance there's already a perl interpreter chilli'n there by default. If it's not installed by default, it's pretty likely you can get perl pre-packaged, or find a downloadable .tar on an ftp server.

There's a shiny page for the big 3:

MacOs, Windows and what I've come to call GNU+Linux over here:

There's a pile of other binaries over here:

... and although I don't run NeXT or irix, it's handy to know that I can write some fairly hairy logic in my in my dotfiles without ending up restricting myself to /bin/sh scripts.

That's it.

I just think that's neat.